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How True Champions Are Made

The BullTrained Black Shirt Year is an 9-month, elite-level program designed to allow student-athletes, ages 10-18, the opportunity to train and compete full-time while continuing their academic studies.

Our goal is to prepare young athletes for the rigorous demands of high school and collegiate competition and work towards earning a college scholarship. While there are no guarantees, we strongly believe this program gives wrestlers the best opportunity to excel as athletes and grow as individuals.

We have partnered with an NCAA-accredited online educational institution to ensure athletes’ academic success while balancing an intensive training schedule and a full competition schedule.

Led by “The Bull”

Led by former college head wrestling coach and BullTrained CEO, Sammie Henson, student-athletes in the black shirt year program will grow physically, mentally, and socially as both a competitor and a person.

Too many times students fall behind or are not achieving academic success on the level they feel is needed. Throughout this program, student-athletes are assured an increase in their educational pursuit of excellence. This year allows each student to choose specific classes that they feel will challenge them or and assist in a better understanding of the particular area of study. With all that has happened in the world today, this year is needed more now than ever!

The Black Shirt Year is designed to provide full educational year of academic studies and sport-specific training with a full competition schedule. Skill levels also improve at a faster and higher rate within a small group setting with like-minded individuals.

Black Shirt Year Information

  • Further program details will be explained during the evaluation process.
  • 9-month Season Starting September 7th – May 25th
  • Athletes are required to pay all living and academic expenses (Sammie Henson will work with each family to find host parents for the year). Our desire is to assist you in keeping the cost down for the year.
  • Coach Henson is your coach–no different than if you were at a university full-time.
  • No Refunds — Space is limited. Once accepted, you have locked in a space that will not be offered to anyone else.
  • Cost for the year of Training: No different than gymnastics, hockey, tennis, and baseball. This program is one of a kind and there is a true commitment financially, and emotionally by all parties.  The total cost will be explained during the evaluation process.
  • Full Season – Students (parents) will need to provide all expenses for tournaments (i.e. travel, hotel, entry fee, etc.)
  • Individuals will be paired together to create the best training environment.
  • The program consists of wrestling, strength and conditioning, running, and general training.
  • Each student athlete will feel like a part of a team, walk away with better knowledge of the sport, and experience improved work ethic and self-discipline.
  • Only well-rounded student-athletes will be accepted.
  • All in season camps are free to Blackshirts!


Cost + Admission

  • Black Shirt Year: Middle School and High School athletes, ages 10-18
  • Cost: $5,400. Payments may be spread out over 9 months at $600/month or 12 months at $500/month.
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Dates: September 7–May 25

Athlete Expectations

  • Hands-on training
  • Education continued online with an NCAA-accredited institution
  • Full practice and competition schedule
  • Housing with host families for out-of-state athletes and daily local accommodations for in-state students are available
  • Participants required to give back through a community outreach program


Take your training to the next level

Sign up for the BullTrained Black Shirt Year today! Enrollment closes August 31, 2022.

Upon receipt of your submission, the student-athlete and their parent(s) will be contact for a phone interview. Correspondence of acceptance will be made following the evaluation process.

Payment Options
  • + 8 monthly payments (Totaling $4800)
    • + 8 monthly payments (Totaling $4800) $600.00
    • + 11 monthly payments (Totaling $4950) $450.00

High School Senior?

Check out our Gray Shirt Program, designed to allow high school graduates entering their first year of college to train and compete full-time while continuing their academic studies.

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