Dirty30 Day Summer Camp

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Columbia, MO.

June 4th – July 4th

Wrestling Freestyle Event Tournaments | BullTrained Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

Toughest Camp In America

30 Days: Raise wrestling IQ and gain “The Bull” Mentality to be part of the 1%

Does your athlete want to develop world class training habits, good muscle memory, high level fundamentals that actually make you feel stronger and look faster because you learned the correct way to use their hands and how to move their feet? 

Our entire month of June is dedicated to developing your athletes mat strategy, hand-fighting skills, how to win positions, how to score from bottom, and how to put big points on the board from top. Coach Henson was a 2x NCAA Champion going 71-0 at Clemson. His first hand experience provides expert knowledge to your athlete.

Each year our Sammie draws D1 and D2 male and female athletes to this camp, plus top ranked high school and middle school athletes, some as young as nine years old. This camp is taught to the highest level in the room which benefits everyone. 

This camp is great for athletes training for the Junior Duals and Fargo. While we do teach top and bottom folkstyle, Coach Henson’s freestyle knowledge from has beat Hall-of-famers like Henry Cejudo and earned a World Championship over Azerbaijan’s Olympic Champion, Namig Abdullayev. 

Your athlete learning how to use their hands to open their opponent up, helps them to better see their takedowns. Coach Henson’s Folkstyle and freestyle knowledge will allow them to score points on both top and bottom, but his mat strategy… his mindset… his expectation… Coach Henson knows when to push, when to make a joke and how to bring the best out in the athletes with his charismatic leadership style. 

Camp Goals + Outcomes

Coach Sammie Henson will teach all session with the support of the other coaches, being able to break down the details in the technique. We try to assure a one-on-one experience with 1 coach covering about 10 athletes. This is a highly competitive environment, but will be rich in knowledge gained by Henson throught his life in this sport.

Requirements & Expectations

  • Female athletes – we have 6 beds left in the girls house on campus. 
  • Wrestling Gear (wrestling shoes, running shoes, head gear, knee pads, etc)
  • Notepad (for note taking during instruction, skills learned, etc)
  • Toiletries (towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste)
  • Sleeping Bag, Pillow and an Air Mattress
  • Camp participants are required to have primary health insurance
  • Camp participants must have signed the Camp Release, Medical and Parent’s Waiver forms (included in the form during checkout)
  • Camp participants must possess a USA Wrestling card, available on line at www.themat.com



June 4th, Tuesday
  • 5:30pm – 6:00pm – Check In
  • 6:00pm – 7:30pm – Session I
  • 9:30pm – Camp Store
  • 10:30pm – Lights Out
June 5th  – July 3rd
(Every 4th Day will include an activity session in the afternoon)
  • 9:30am – Breakfast
  • 10:30am – 12:15pm – Session I
  • 12:15pm – Lunch
  • 2:30pm – 3:45pm – Session II
  • 3:45pm – Refuel
  • 4:15pm – 5:30pm – Session III
  • 5:30pm – Dinner
  • 6:00pm – Free Time / Camp Store
  • 10:00pm – Lights Out
July 4th, Thursday
  • 9:00AM – 10:30AM – Breakfast Celebration! Live Wrestling Session *Parents encouraged to attend this final session to witness the gains of their wrestler IQ in the sport of wrestling as well as the Bull Mentality.
  • 11:00am – Check out – Depart

Food + Accommodations

  • Showering is required after every session, showers are located on the premises.
  • Laundry is washed and dryed daily.
  • Three meals per day are provided for all overnight campers.
  • Athletes are welcome to bring their own snacks and water bottles if they would like, we do however have a camp store with snacks and drinks as well.
  • The Bullpen sets on 10 acres with a pond
  • Bring swim suites because we are 1.25mi from Finger Lakes State Park! It's hot out, taking a run to the swim beach, getting to workout in the sand, then getting a swim in is the way to go. 
  • Camp store -BullTrained gear, food and drinks for sale. Please have your athletes bring cash or a prepaid credit card to make purchases.
    * Commuters must bring their own food.

Gym Location

The Bullpen:

9105 N. Creekland Dr

Columbia, MO. 65202



Travel Plans

Dirty Dozen Wrestlers Flight Plans – Booking a flight with the following dates, location will ensure that your wrestler will arrive to camp safely and on time. Please also note that we do not accept check-ins the day before camp starts.

The following flight departure times are mandatory. If you have a special circumstance that requires an earlier flight, you must call us for approval at 805.286.1110.


  • Flights should arrive to STL airport or Columbia Airport on the day of check-in.
  • Camp check in is at 5:30pm June 4th, 2024.


  • Flights should depart from STL airport on the day of check-out.
  • Camp is over at 11:00am on July 4th, 2024.

The Airport offers shuttle service from STL to Columbia Airport, Round Trip Via MO-X. Contact MO-X to set up shuttle arrangements. Please coordinate with us to arrange your pick-up from the Columbia MO-X drop site to the BullPen.

1) Please text us at 805.286.1110 to confirm flight arrangements for camp, provide the athletes first and last name, and their itineraries.

2) Use the link below to reserve your MO-X shuttle from STL to Columbia or call MO-X directly at 573-256-1991

– https://www.moexpress.com/mox_ml/defaultEN.aspx?L=EN

3) Text 918.570.1239 to schedule for your athlete to be picked up from the MO-X Columbia location and taken to the BullPen

We also offer a personal Chaperone for athletes who are 13U and need assistance with pick-up and drop-off at the STL or Columbia Airport. 13U athletes have to arrive to the airport 2 hrs early and have the chaperone sit and wait for the athlete to get on the plane.

14 and over athletes may also have a private chaperone who has been vetted transport them to Columbia From Kansas City or STL. 

  • This cost from STL for 13U is $400.00 round trip.
  • 14 and up will cost $300.00 round trip.
  • The cost for 13U from Columbia Airport to the Bullpen is $200.00 round trip.
  • 14 and up will cost $100.00 round trip.

Text 918.570.1239 to schedule a private chaperone. 


      Parents + Coaches

  • Parents and coaches are encouraged to attend last session.
  • During camp we do not allow parents to attend sessions as we want wrestlers to not have anyone looking over their shoulders! The goal is to learn how to compete on their own in a competitive environment.
  • Taking pictures during the sessions is allowed, but no video taping please.
  • Parents and coaches are welcome to watch live social media coverage of competition practices. 
  • Camp spots are limited, there are no refunds.

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