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Brought to you by 2x NCAA Champion, World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist, Sammie “The Bull” Henson.

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BullTrained delivers advanced instruction, wrestling techniques, and fitness coaching to athletes who wish to compete at the high school or collegiate level.

Mixed martial arts

BullTrained MMA coaching offers world-class Brazilian jiu-jitsu and striking training led by champion MMA fighter, Josh Henson, to young athletes under the age of 15.


BullTrained is setting the gold standard in world-class, freestyle events for both men and women through various championship tournaments hosted throughout the year.

Wrestling and MMA Coaching Camps | BullTrained Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

Wrestling Camps

BullTrained wrestling camps are designed to challenge athletes on a mental and physical level while promoting camaraderie, sportsmanship, and personal development. Athletes of all ages and skill levels will benefit from the opportunity to learn with a team of elite-level athletes.

Wrestling Team Practice

As a member of the BullTrained team, athletes put learning into practice — learning new position-based techniques and skills and using those techniques in competitions and camps.

Wrestling and MMA Coaching Team Practice | BullTrained Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts
Wrestling and MMA Coaching Girls | BullTrained Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

The Women’s Wrestling Championship

BullTrained is setting the gold standard in women’s wrestling, hosting various championship tournaments throughout the year that showcase women on the mat. Learn more about the upcoming wrestling championship.

MMA Classes

Bull Combat Sports provides instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Boxing. Our various children and entry-level classes accommodate beginners, advanced competitors, and everyone in between.

Mixed Martial Arts Lessons at BullTrained

Sammie Henson


Sammie Henson is a wrestling world champion, Olympic silver medalist, and 2x NCAA champion. His experience as a wrestling and MMA coach has earned him national and international recognition.

Through BullTrained, Sammie provides world-class training to athletes, teams, and coaches at the pre-collegiate and collegiate levels who wish to compete at the highest level possible.

The Bull

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Ready to be a champion? You’ve got to look the part. Explore our selection of BullTrained wrestling gear and apparel.

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