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Classes Start in September of 2022

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Developing your athlete

Sammie Henson’s coaching style focuses on consistency as a key ingredient for success.

The BullTrained coaching staff’s curriculum emphasizes the importance of one-on-one instruction, interactive sessions, advanced wrestling techniques, mental preparedness, and character development.

We believe every wrestler can realize their full athletic potential with a positive attitude. If you are a motivated athlete who is willing and ready to put in the hard work it takes to progress in wrestling and train as a part of the team, apply online today!

Training Schedule

The BullPen

7325 N. RTE Z
Columbia, MO 65202

Monday: 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 5:00 PM

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Payment Options
  • + 11 monthly payments (Totaling $1980)
    • + 11 monthly payments (Totaling $1980) $180.00

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Payment Options
  • + 9 monthly payments (Totaling $1800)
    • + 9 monthly payments (Totaling $1800) $200.00

Sammie Henson | BullTrained Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts

Sammie Henson

Owner, Founder, And Head Coach

2x NCAA Champion, World Champion
and Olympic Silver Medalist
The Bull

Wrestling Camps

Led by world-class Coach Sammie Henson, each camp features advanced technique and hands-on training lessons for all ages and skill levels.

Wrestling Camps | BullTrained Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts